Sept. 2014 – Cuba

Cuba: Labor Day 2014

Tips: Go. We went before it was open to the American public (at least open directly from the US) – my guess is things have already changed, but the trip is still worth it and likely cheaper than how we had to do it.  We stayed in a big, nice hotel with plenty of air conditioning and a cute courtyard – recommend.  Grab a bottle of rum and head to the beach, go to all of the Hemingway bars, drink lots of mojitos (and daquiris if you’d like), offer to buy the bartenders shots (warm rum, ay), and listen to live music/try to catch a soccer game in one of the bars.

Oh yes, the food was outstanding – we ate at a paladar (non-gov’t owned) each night. Great octopus (pesto and parm rub).  Beautiful settings – an infiniti pool overlooking the ocean, for example.

We had fun staying in Miami for a night on the way into Cuba (40 minute flight from MIA to Cuba).

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