Todo el vino de México con todos nuestros favoritos. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?

Jon & I had longed for our lil wine haven long enough and decided to celebrate my 40th in Valle de Guadalupe. 

A few months early… 

Really, it was a facade to get our faves out to experience the glory of Mexican… wine country?!

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Valle de Guadalupe en Baja Mexico.

How to get there.

[Oh boy, she’s going to start ranting about global entry. Save our eyes!]

Sooo, you really should get global entry. For allllll the reasons. Getting back into the ole US of A from Mexico tho may be at the top of that list because you skip to the front of a miles-long line to hop right back into the country.

You can drive, in which case you’ll want to register your car with Sentri. Note that all passengers must have GE to cruise through the Sentri lanes. 

Or, as we’ve done each time, you can walk across on foot. Super fàcil, and most imp, super quick.

Runabout tips

  • Strong note that you need your physical GE cards! Not something we ever travel with when flying internationally, but for hopping over the border, it’s crucial.
  • We’ve done multiple border crossings in and out of San Diego, and San Ysidro [Google Maps] seems easiest. 
  • That said, check those border times!
Pit stop in Dallas with these cuties!


How to get around.

Book with Ruta del Vino! Jacinto was our awesome chauffeur for the weekend, and he absolutely rocked. Jenifer was also a super responsive and a pleasure to deal with.

We had a group of 15, with 3 furry friends in tow, and the van fit just right. The cost was a lil over $2k for the 4-day stint, which was on par with the other companies I had contacted. What stood out with Ruta was the customer service.

Highly recommend. We’d go with these guys again in a heartbeat. Typically, a full day is 8 hours of van time, and you can add on with a per hour charge.

Runabout tip: Wine-ing all day is going to have you beat, and it gets super dark in the Valley. Start around noon & end your end by 8pm for a nice snooze before round 2. And 3. And 4. Save your souls. And livers.

Where to stay.

You guessed it, Casa Mayoral! Adrianna took great care of us, as always. 

One night runs about $150, with a stellar breakfast to boot. The rooms are stunning, cozy, and rustic all at the same time, and the property matches that perfection. The wifi is super steady (not a small thing out here in the country), and there are plenty of spots for big and small groups to hang on site. 

Only 7 cabins on property, so get over there! The cabins are different sizes, with #7 being a cute house with multiple bedrooms. Our lil 2 person love nest is my absolute fave.

Runabout tip: Don’t sleep on those tortillas de harina! To die for, and Mayoral was so generous with these. Felt like home.

How far does your mula go?

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For the freshness and quality of the food, and the absolutely stunning backdrops you enjoy it in, the value is unmatched.

Michelin starred meals at about 60-70% of the cost, wowza.

 Move over, Napa!

(as far as currency, plastic will do you very well, and for the lil taco joints, US dollars are accepted..)

What to do.

Wine your lil <3 out!

Our itinerary consisted of:

Night 1 – 

  • Finca Altozano – Still might be my fave dinner spot in Valle. Super tasty, fresh, and a stunning yet chill setting to soak it all in. Perfect way to kick off a ridic fun wknd. Is it dog friendly you ask? You bet it is! Dress a bit warmly for the chilly evenings and outside setting of this joint. Must eats? Honestly, we’ve never had a bad bite, so have at it. Try as much fresh seafood as possible, and don’t skimp on the clams in Valle.

Day 1 – 

  • Conchas de Piedra – What better way to kick off day 1 than oysters two ways, yummy ceviche, and a few other delectable bites? Why, bubbles of course! We loved all three varieties, with the blanc de blanc taking the cake for this girl. This place is also pup friendly with the tiny warning that the dogs on site are not accustomed to hanging with other dogs. You might call ahead and ask if you plan to bring your (good sized) pup. Lil cuties can hang on top of the barrels. Next time, sabers for everyone! Wait a minute… 
  • Lechuza Vineyard – Another cute spot with tasty bites for our hungry group. We tried a few whites and reds, and none disappointed. Service with a smile. Also dog friendly! Good for a group, with a cute lil shop to boot. You can sit inside as well, which is nice when it gets chilly (or scalding in the summer).
  • Hilo Negro – Speaking of service, these guys were lovely to correspond with (via Whatsapp) prior to our arrival. And very aware we planned on vino & small bites. When we arrived tho, less so, apparently because the owner’s family was in doing a photo shoot. Mind you, the shoot involved scrumptious bites that they tried to deny our group. We weaseled our way into croquetas & queso, dontchuworry! We’ll probably not return. If you’re looking for a super modern space that’s a bit unique, maybe give the restaurant Emat a shot. We had enjoyed it the last go around, altho also a one time deal for this duo.

Day 2 – 

  • Vinos LT – Speaking of corresponding prior, these guys were welcoming but oh so short in their email responses. No love lost, but I simply did not expect the level of extreme hospitality upon arrival and had chosen this spot only because it was 6 minutes from our lunch destination. Turns out, our hosts at LT were super jazzed to have us and oh so bummed when we had to quickly take off. We appreciated the pride taken in their wines, the few cheese plates we ordered were made with love, and we bet the rest of the menu will be equally delish. Did I mention the space is gorgeous (and all outdoors)? We’ll absolutely be back. You guessed it, very dog friendly.
  • Villa Torel – Now for the highlight of the trip. A delicious coursed lunch with a breathtaking view. The only thing better than the bites in our bellies was the company. Perfect meal, with scrumptious wines to boot.
  • Bloodlust – Skip. I had a feeling this place would be all pomp and circumstance. To be fair, we missed our 3pm reso & showed up an hour later. We also didn’t have any grub. This place screamed expensive drinks, an eclectic setting to say the least, and service without a smile. Not my jam but a pretty cool (architectural) structure, I suppose. 
  • Once Pueblos – Renee was lovely to correspond with via email, and we moved our reso to earlier in the evening with ease. Very accommodating for a large party. Unfortunately, the place seemed to have many tables waiting an unreasonably long time for food. Bring on the tequila, friends. Yowza.

Day 3 – 

  • Breakfast @ Dona Esthela’s! Honestly, may have been my favorite meal of the trip. And that too, feeling the pain of Valle’s full supply of tequila from the several days prior. Musts: hot chocolate, flour tortillas & birria, altho you cannot go wrong here. Dame un shake & a mountain of pancakes for King Ra, por favor! 
Runabout tips
  • Yes, make resos! Whatsapp is widely used, as is OpenTable, perhaps surprisingly. You may need to put down a deposit and/or a pre-fix menu with a large group, which works out just fine. Prices will be in pesos, and places seem to (much) prefer that to avoid losing out in any changing conversion rates. Don’t be scurred. 
  • When Jon & I have traveled as a duo, we hopped into many places without resos. Hey, life without plans is fun too. 

Another one for the books!

We had an incredible time, with so much love for and from the homies. We will cherish this one until… June? 

Love you guys!

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