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Our Story

Get to know us!

Hello! We are Jon & Avanti, affectionately dubbed Javanti. 

Our loves? Each other, food, drink, and seeing the world through our happy bellies one amazing destination after another. 

We tend to be everywhere and anywhere, while keeping up with fairly fast paced careers in the wonderful world of law. 

If you’re looking for travel inspiration, or just curious what ridic tasty grub we last went into, take a peek! 

Our Adventures

Spain & Andorra

The pure deliciousness that is San Sebastiàn took us back to that delectable beach town's cobblestone streets and laid back pinxto bars.

Tack on a few newbies - Lagroño, Zaragoza, and wait for it.... the tiny country of Andorra vìs a vìs Francia, and this duo was in for an unexpected adventure of a lifetime.

Read on, homies!

Turkey & Georgia

Oooo Kapadokya, you stole our hearts. One gorgeous balloon at a time.

Where the heck is Georgia? Right next to Turkey, and we kid you not. This was the best culinary adventure of our lives. Match that with the insane hospitality that even India pales in comparison to, and you had to pry us out of here.

A nice bottle of dry red & plentiful queso will be good (necessary) accoutrements for this read, trust us.


Morocco & Portugal

The sights, smells, and boisterous sounds of the Marrakech medina. Bookended by my favorite European city to date. Wowza.

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