July 2016: LA (Jen wedding)

LA: July 2016

Tips: Our good friend Jen got married in Simi Valley, at Hummingbird Ranch.  Beautiful wedding, grounds, people: http://www.thesoutherncaliforniabride.com/2016/05/a-romantic-hummingbird-nest-ranch.html.  Amazing wedding to be a part of, and we did party until 6am (reception/open bar until 2am!) just like Jen wanted.

We stayed in Venice Beach the next night – Jon’s first experience in Venice.  More my jam than his – I looove the eclectic personalities, to put it mildly.  I used to visit in college all the time, sometimes by myself.  We had some great food nearby but off the Boardwalk.  

Accommodations: One of our first Airbnb experiences, and it was great.  Right off the beach and cheaper than a hotel.  Jon had rented a convertible when he got in (I came earlier spend Jen’s last single night with her, heyo!), which was fun.

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